Commonly Asked Question About this Coverage:
1. What do I need to know when switching carriers?
  As this is a "Cliams Made" policy, once expired, it will not provide coverage. Be sure to put your current carrier on notice of any potential situation that might give rise to a claim, even if the allegations made against you are unfounded.
2. What services are insured under this policy?
  This policy provides Errors & Omissions coverage for:
  1. A licensed Life A&S agent
  2. A licensed Mutual Fund agent for:
    • Mutual Funds
    • Retirement Savings Funds
    • Registered Retirement Income Funds
    • Segregated Funds
  3. A financial planner, advisor or consultant for sales and service of the activities mentioned above.
(If you are rendering a service not mentioned above, please call to discuss)
3. Does this policy contain "Prior Acts Coverage"?
  Coverage for prior acts is available under this policy provided that you have had continuous coverage for a minimum of three years. Those individuals with gaps in coverage will not be provided prior acts coverage under this policy.
4. Can I add my corporate name to my certificate?
  In most situations your corporate name can be added to your individual certificate, however, this is an individual policy, and as such coverage will only be extended to a corporation if you, the individual insured, trigger the claim.
5. I sell Mutual Funds, do I qualify?
  This coverage is available to those who sell mutual funds, however, if you receive more than 50% of your income and/or $250,000 from mutual funds, you are not eligible for this coverage.
6. I am licensed in several provinces. Can I obtain the mandatory endorsements?
  The provinces in which you do business will detemine the endorsements added to your policy. Where required higher aggregate limits, reporting periods and other coverages will be automatically provided as per pvovincial requirements.
7. I have had a previous claim. Do I qualify for coverage?
  Not necessarily. We will have to forward your application to the insurer for their review, but are unable to bind coverage. Previous claims are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. In some situation, if coverage is issued a surcharge may apply. We strongly recommend that those individuals with previous claims stay with their current carrier.